Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Own Wonderlands

I'm not really a fan of reality, that's why I love reading fiction and watching movies. But, I also escape real life when I dance and when I take pictures.
When I'm dancing, I'm not sure how, but when the music is right and the steps and movements flow I can step in to another world become another person. Its a beautiful feeling, just giving into the dance and melting to the world the melody has created for me, but sadly just minutes later I'm jolted back to real life.
Unlike when I'm dancing, when I'm taking photos I can create my own world. With my camera in my hand I am in control, I can manipulated whats in my frame to make you see exactly what I want you to. It was the first thing in my life where I was in complete control and do what ever I wanted and could create what ever I wanted.
When I dance I step into my very own Wonderland and when I shoot photos I can create my Wonderland and then show the world.

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