Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Look into me

Through the Looking Lens...
Hey I'm Megan, and this Post is a quick look into what I like, which is basically what this blog will be all about. First the basics about me, I'm from Washington (thus the umbrella and overall paleness), I just graduated high school (finally!), and I head off to BYUI this September. Now for some stuff... :D
 I love spending time with friends, goofing and whatever we do.
 I'm a photographer (that's me! ^), I started out taking photography classes in high school and instantly fell in love with it.
 I love to sleep (and obviously so does my sister ^), whenever I have free time it becomes nap time!
 Besides photography Dancing is my other love! Its what I'm studying in school starting this fall, scary. Its beautiful how a dance and take you to a whole other world.
Reading; the ultimate escape. I constantly have my nose in a fiction book when I have time. 

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